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Beam Detectors for burglar alarms

Beam Detectors for burglar alarms

Covert beams for discrete use, reflector beams (now available as an external product) ideal where supplying power to both ends of a zone is difficult, long range beams (up to 600m) mainly used on military and aviation projects, intrinsically safe beams ideal for the petrochemical industry, twin beams for building and aperture protection, and the flagship product the Intelligent Synchro Quad range. A range of beams offering up to 200m external coverage using a lattice of 16 beams for minimum false alarms, also featuring environmental outputs for early warning of adverse conditions. The range encompasses variations such as an anti-crawl model for high-risk environments such as prisons, and a low current version with the option of utilising solar panels and batteries to overcome power supply problems.

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