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Scantronic / EXP-PSU 3a Smart Power Supply

The Scantronic EXP-PSU is a 3a PSU designed for Scantronic i-ON and Menvier 40, 100 and 300 wireless control panels.

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Scantronic / EXP-PSU 3a Smart Power Supply
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Scantronic / EXP-PSU Smart Power Supply

The Scantronic EXP-PSU is a 3a PSU designed for Scantronic i-ON and Menvier 40, 100 and 300 wired or wireless control panels.    A bus connected power supply that reports it's status to the control panel and is available remotely via downloader and web browser interface. The EXP-PSU has capacity for a maximum of 10 zones and 20 outputs including a plug by harness that mimics the panel plug by harness. The EXP-PSU also has semi automatic address and the expander location system in common with other expanders. 


  • 3A supply. Independently charge and monitor one or two batteries. Mix and match batteries to meet system standby requirements: Maximum 2 x 17Ah.
  • Added flexibility for i-onEX installations. 10 zones onboard. 16 plug-by outputs for local connection of a communications device. Four transistorised outputs.
  • Easy to install and configure.Mains plus simple bus in/out connection. Semi-Auto addressing for speed and device numbering integrity. Self installs; once addressed, go straight to adding detection zones.
  • Simple to service and support. Unique audible bus device locator. Power monitoring through keypads or web interface.

Compatible Devices

  • All i-on panels with software version 4.0 or above
  • Menvier40, Menvier100, Menvier300

The power supply comprises a steel case containing a pcb (printed circuit board) and space for up to two 17Ah backup batteries. The unit can monitor and charge each battery independently and an installer can use combinations of batteries to meet their standby requirements.

The pcb also provides connectors for four transistorised outputs, 16 plug-by communicator outputs (mirroring those on the control unit), and up to 10 FSL (Fully Supervised Loop) or five CC (Closed Circuit) zones.

The EXP-PSU connects to the i-on control unit and the rest of the alarm system by means of the system bus, providing monitoring messages to the control unit over the bus. These messages include Remote PSU Fault, Remote AC Fail, Remote Battery Fail, and Remote Low Output Voltage.

During installation the EXP-PSU uses the same semi-automatic addressing procedure as other i-on expanders. The unit also provides an audible locator and allows power monitoring through the system keypads or the web-browser within the i-on control unit.

The EXP-PSU is designed and approved to be used as part of a Security Grade 2 or 3 system 


Product name


Product Description

External PSU with wired zones and plug by communicator connection.


Cooper Security Ltd.


Class II.

Operating temperature

Tested -10 to +55°C.


0 to 93% RH, non-condensing.

Case material




427 x 400 x 101, mm HxWxD.


6 kg (without stand-by batteries).



10 max


16 plug-by communicator outputs, plus 4 open collector transistor outputs


1 output, minimum impedance 16 Ohms

Power Supply

This product complies with the requirements of EN50131-6 Type A power supply at Grade 3 and environmental class 2.

Power supply type


Mains power supply requirements

230VAC +10%/-15%, 350mA max, 50Hz.

Total power supply capacity:


(of which 1.5A is used for battery recharge and 1.5A is available for powering the system).

Aux 1 12V supply*:

1A max

Aux 2 12V supply*:

1A max

Comms power supply*:

400mA max

12V Expander Bus OUT*:

400mA max

LS connectors

280mA in alarm.

*Note: The ratings given here represent the maximum current that can be drawn before triggering over-current protection.

EN50131-6 ratings

The EXP-PSU provides space for two 17Ah batteries, giving a total of 34Ah charge.

Under EN50131-1 for Security Grade 3 installations the required battery standby time is 30 hours, provided the system is fitted with an ATS4 communicator capable of transmitting a mains fail signal

This means that all the devices powered by those backup batteries, within the EXP-PSU, including the EXP-PSU itself, should together draw no more in total than an average of 1.1A over a 30 hour standby time. Note that for Security Grade 3 the i-on160EX or EXP-PSU must use a plug-by communicator, which may have its own power supply.

Under PD6662, battery standby time requirements for Security Grade 3 drop to 12 hours, provided the system is fitted with an ATS4 communicator capable of transmitting a mains fail signal.

For Security Grade 2 the required battery standby time is 12 hours. However, the total average current available over 12 hours from the EXP-PSU batteries is limited by the power supply to 1.5A. (The current is limited to 1.5A because when mains is present the 3.0A power supply reserves 2x750mA to recharge batteries, leaving 1.5A available to supply the system.)

To meet Security Grade 2 the control unit can be fitted with a plug-on communicator, for example the i-sd02.

The table below shows the current consumption of the EXP-PSU itself and each device that can be fitted to it.

EXP-PSU power requirement:

50mA quiescent.

100mA max

Keypad power requirement:

30mA (backlight off)

45mA (backlight on)

65mA (backlight on)

60mA in alarm

Wired Expander requirement

20mA max quiescent.

300mA in alarm if sounder connected.

Radio Expander requirement

40mA max quiescent

320mA in alarm if sounder connected.

Battery charging requirement:

750mA per battery (recharge within 24 hrs)

Plug-by Communicator pins require:

5mA each when active.

10 FSL zones


5 CCL zones


12V Bus output voltage range :

10±0.5V to 13.8V

Aux 1 & 2 12V output voltage range:

10±0.5V to 13.8V

Max p-to-p ripple voltage:


Standby Battery:

12V, 17Ah sealed lead acid, 2 off (not supplied).

"Low battery" fault at:

< 12V

Aux power output fault at:

< 9V

Deep discharge protection at:


Electromagnetic Compatibility   


Conforms to EN50130-4.


Conforms to EN61000-6-3.


O/P 1 - 4

Open collector transistor, +12VDC when inactive, 0V when active. 500mA max.

Plug-by O/P 1-16

Open collector transistor +12VDC when inactive, 0V when active, 50mA max.

LS (loudspeaker)

Min impedance 16 Ohm per output, current consumption = 280mA in alarm.


The EXP-PSU has a replaceable T500mA mains fuse.

The Aux 1 and Aux 2 outputs are protected by separate F-1A 20mm fuse.

Electrical Safety

Conforms to EN60950-1.

Compliance Statements

The EXP-PSU is a type B ACE (as defined in EN50131-3 clause 8.7).

The EXP-PSU is compliant with EN50130-5 environmental class II.

The EXP-PSU is suitable for use in systems designed to comply with PD 6662: 2004 at grade 3.

When installed correctly the EXP-PSU is capable of compliance with EN50131 at Grade 3.

If the installer selects a non-compliant configuration then they must remove or adjust compliance labelling

Product Categories

Alarms and CCTV

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