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Transmille 2080

Transmille 2080 Electrical Test Box

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Transmille 2080
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Transmille 2080 Electrical Test Box



The Transmille 2080 electrical test box is housed in a robust plastic case with integral handle - ideal for on or off site use. It is a fully featured test box for use in testing electrician’s equipment, the 2080 provides a fast solution for the requirement of regular verification of electrical test equipment. Designed with low cost and portability in mind, the use of the 2080 provides on or off site verification of RCD Testers, LOOP Testers, Continuity and Insulation Testers. The 2080 is simple to use and provides the following functionality: 


Checking of Insulation Testers

• 3 high value resistors (1M Ohms, 9.9M Ohms & 99M Ohms) for testing the resistance measurement function.
• LED indication of test voltage at 100V • 250V • 500V • 1000V
• 3 low value resistors ( 0.5 Ohms, 2 Ohms & 10 Ohms) for testing the continuity function.
• AC line voltage output for testing voltage measurement


Checking of RCD Testers

Dedicated 13A socket provides functional check of RCD tester operation
• 3 selectable ranges : 10mA@150ms • 30mA@150ms • 150mA@30ms
• Indicators for ReadyTrippedOvercurrent


Checking of LOOP Testers

A functional check of LOOP Testers, allowing direct measurement of supplied loop impedance and supplied loop impedance + 1 Ohms via a dedicated 13A socket.


Wiring Check

When connected, the 2080 checkbox will indicate voltage between the following wires *
P-E (Phase to Earth) • P-N (Phase to Neutral) • N-E (Neutral to Earth)
* Does not detect Neutral to Earth reversal



Calibration Certificates traceable to UK National Standards or UKAS are available.



LOOP Testers
Supply Loop • Supply Loop + 1Ohm : 5%

Insulation Testers
1MOhms : 9.9MOhms : 99MOhms : 1% Max. Test Voltage 1.2kV

Continuity Testers
0.5Ohms : 2Ohms : 10Ohms : 1Ohms± 20mOhms
Max. Current 300mA

RCD Testers
10mA (Nominal) @150ms
30mA (Nominal) @ 150ms
150mA (Nominal) @30ms

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