6491X 10mm Green / Yellow In Earth Cable 100M Drum

.BASEC approved 6491X conduit wiring cable. Single core or stranded with PVC insulation to BS6004. Green/yellow earth cable
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6491X Earthing Cable With Green & Yellow Outer

Available in multiples of 10m or on 100m reels. Green and yellow earth colour.

BASEC approved conduit wiring cable.  Solid or stranded plain annealed copper conductors with PVC insulation to BS6004. 

 Specification   BS6004 Table 4a
 Voltage Rating  0.45/0.75 kV
 Operating Temperature  0°C (Min) to 70°C (Max)
 Standard Colours  Brown, blue, grey, black & green/yellow
 Harmonised Code  H07V-U (Solid conductor) & H07V-R (Stranded conductor)

BASEC Schedule No. 024/001/172 (1.50mm² - 400.00mm² Harmonised colours)
BASEC Schedule No. 024/001/171 (1.50mm² - 630.00mm² Non-harmonised colours)