ACT 1313 12v Alarm Panel Spike Suppressor | ACT1313

The ACT 1313 12v spike suppressor is designed to eliminate induced AC noise picked up by alarm cables acting as aerials
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ACT 1313 12v Alarm Panel Spike Suppressor | ACT1313 

The ACT 1313 12v spike suppressor is designed to eliminate induced AC noise picked up by alarm cables acting as aerials.  No matter how far you try to keep alarm cables away from mains wiring, induced electrical noise and ‘Spikes’ from; fluorescent lights, fridges, computers, central heating, motors as well as nearby lighting can affect alarm cables to the control panel, keypads and detectors, causing system malfunctions and false alarms.

When intruder or fire alarm cables come near mains or telephone wires, high induced AC voltage passes onto the DC supply to detectors and control equipment. This induced AC voltage causes random and intermittent false alarms as well as system malfunctions. Very often, mains and other high voltage cables are run next to alarm circuits after the system has been installed. When false alarms occur caused by AC interference, the installer is responsible for getting rid of the problem. Eliminating induced AC is simple by fitting a ‘Spike Suppressor’ as standard in every control panel or PSU. The suppressor connects across the DC supply and to mains Earth, dumping induced AC noise and clamping the DC voltage against ‘spikes.

Testing & Eliminating Induced AC

1: Switch multimeter to the 20 - 50VAC range.
2: Connect probes across any DC+ and Earth.
3: Reading should not exceed 1.2VAC.
4: Fit a ‘Spike Suppressor’, (Red+ Black- across the DC supply and Green to mains Earth).
5: Retest to ensure reading falls to below 1VAC.

Metal Control Panels

If no AC reading is obtained, remove the mains spur and disconnect neutral and earth wires from the panel.  Test for induced AC across +12vdc supply and the removed earth conductor.  Reading should not exceed 1.2v AC.  If a higher reading is obtained, reconnect the mains supply and fit a 12v spike suppressor.

Important: i) Some meters can’t measure induced AC on a 200VAC range, ii) If there is no induced voltage showing on a Polycarbonate control panel, an alarm cable is shorted to Earth. iii) On some Metal control panels, the mains supply must be disconnected and both Neutral and Earth removed to test for induced AC. Measurement can then be made between any DC+ and the removed Earth wire.