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  1. Aico Heat Alarm EI144RC
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Why Aico?

Aico is a leading manufacturer of domestic fire and carbon monoxide protection products, offering the highest levels of quality and protection at all times. All Aico smoke alarms meet UK standards and include a range of sensor types to ensure that all premises are as protected as possible.

In short, when it comes to fire protection, you simply cannot choose a better range of products to keep you and your family safe.

What Aico Smoke Alarm is Right for Me?

Your own personal requirements will depending on the size of your property, the number of rooms you want to protect, and so on. The range of Aico products covers everything from heat detectors, optical smoke alarms, ionisation alarms, carbon monoxide alarms, and more. 

Ionisation alarms are the cheapest option and, although they are slightly less sensitive to slow burning and smouldering fires, they can quickly detect fires caused by burning paper and wood. 

Optical alarms are slightly less sensitive to fast flaming fires, but are extremely good at detecting slow-burning fires caused by furniture and PVC wiring. These are relatively expensive overall but, if you can afford them, they are certainly worth owning for added safety.

Heat alarms detect the increase in temperature from a fire and are insensitive to smoke, therefore they are ideal for kitchen installation. The downside of these though is that they only cover a fairly small area, therefore there is a strong chance you would require a number of heat alarms to cover a larger kitchen area.

Carbon monoxide detectors provide an early warning of the presence of CO in your home. Every year in there are around 60 deaths from accidental carbon monoxide poisoning in England and Wales, meaning that owning a carbon monoxide alarm really can safe your live one day.

Why Alert Electrical?

Alert Electrical stock only the highest quality, trusted safety and security products, ensuring that our customers are buying the very best products possible. We carefully select the brands and manufacturers that we stock, so you can be assured that, if we sell it, you can trust it to offer first-class performance every time. In addition to Aico smoke alarms, we also sell fire alarms by other leading brands, including Fire Angel, Fike, ESP, and many more.