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Texecom Alarm Systems

A well respected brand name within the UK burglar alarm industry, sell more Texecom burglar alarm products than any other in our portfolio. Texecom have built on their Veritas panels, Meddusa detector and Odyssey external siren ranges to offer one of the most comprehensive ranges on offer today.

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Burglar alarms

The best burglar alarm for your home or business can depend on a number of factors. Your choice can be governed by your budget, the size of your property, the area you live, or the level of protection that you are looking for.

There are many different types of burglar alarm on the market, and our range offers you everything you need for peace of mind.

Types of burglar alarm systems

  • Bells-only – one that sounds when triggered but does not directly contact anyone (yourself, a monitoring company or the police.)
  • Monitored alarms – paying a company to monitor the alarm, ready to take action when triggered, or inform the police. A monthly or annual payment is set-up for the monitoring period.
  • Smart home security monitoring systems – connected to you and your family members via a smartphone or tablet app. When the burglar alarm system is triggered you are alerted immediately.
  • Dialler burglar alarms – automatically calls your phone number (or other designated family members or friends) when the alarm is triggered.

The different intruder protection systems provide a range of functionality and come at a range of different prices. As mentioned, monitored intruder systems normally require a contract in addition to the cost of the alarm.

Alert Electrical offer a wide selection of security products by the leading brands and manufacturers, including ERA, Pyronix, Scantronic, Texecom (Premier, Ricochet, Connect and Veritas), Honeywell, Visonic PowerMaster and many more.

Do I need an alarm starter kit?

Burglar alarm starter kits are an ideal alarm choice. The kits contain everything you need to install. We have a number of different kits, and if you’re unsure which you need we’d be happy to help – contact us today to find out more.

Texecom Alarms

Texecom is a premier supplier of security products and services, protecting millions of people and properties around the world, with first class burglar alarms including the Premier Elite, Veritas, Riochet Wireless, and Connect ranges.

Offering high performance digital and cloud-based solutions, the brand provides connected, intelligent and dynamic solutions that address current, as well as future, security challenges.

Texecom burglar alarms

We supply an extensive range of Texecom burglar alarms that will keep your residential, commercial or business property safe and secure.

Alongside our high performance, cost effective range of Texecom burglar alarms, we also supply additional security system elements, including LCD keypads and alarm keypads to enhance the functionality of your burglar alarm.

Texecom wireless alarms

Texecom wireless alarms bring together multiple devices across a wireless network, to relay messages to and from even the most remote locations within a building.

State-of-the-art Richoche mesh networking wireless technology allows Texecom wireless devices to receive and repeat wireless transmissions from other devices, even from remote locations within the property.

Texecom LCD keypads

We supply a range of Texecom LCD keypads that can be used alongside Texecom alarm control panels.

Texecom Elite Keypads feature a range of blue-backlit LCD keypads that can be used with both Premier and Premier Elite control panels, while Texecom Premier Keypads feature high performance LCD keypads with exceptional functionality.

Texecom Veritas LCD Keypads are designed to be simple to use and can be used exclusively alongside Veritas control panels.

Texecom alarm control panels

Playing an integral role in the management and running of your Texecom alarm system, we supply Texecom alarm control panels to meet a wide variety of requirements.

Texecom Premier alarm control panels can be expanded to meet your specific requirements, covering everything from residential properties, through to medium-sized businesses.

Veritas alarm control panels are perfect for residential and small commercial applications, offering a user-friendly interface, ergonomic design and innovative features.


What is it?

Texecom alarms are high quality, high performance security alarms, designed and manufactured by a leading security manufacturer.

Texecom burglar alarms and security products are trusted by millions of people around the world to protect their properties. From alarm control panels and LCD keypads, through to wireless alarms, burglar alarms and alarm kits, this premier alarm manufacturer delivers reliable, state-of-the-art security solutions you can depend on.

How do I stop my alarm going off?

The exact steps you’ll need to take to stop your Texecom alarm going off will depend upon the model you have installed.

However, the first thing to try if you’re trying to stop your Texecom alarm going off should always be to put in the alarm code. If this doesn’t work, check the alarm battery and the keypad to ensure they are in full working order. The next step would be to try a factory reset. If you’re still having difficulties with your Texecom alarm, get in touch.

What is the difference between a wired and wireless alarm?

When choosing a burglar alarm, one of the key things to consider is whether you want your alarm to be wired or wireless.

With a wired alarm, a network of wires is used to connect hidden sensors throughout the property to the main control panel. The system is then connected to the outside world via your landline.

A wireless alarm uses hidden sensors, which are connected to the main control panel via radio waves. The system is then connected to the outside world using a mobile phone network.

What types of Texecom alarm products do you sell?

Here at Alert Electrical, we sell a range of high quality, professional Texecom alarm products at affordable prices. Our range includes products from collections including Premier, Premier Elite, Ricochet and Veritas.

Premier – This range features products that have been designed to exceed international security requirements. Premier security solutions and alarms are compatible with those within the Premier Elite collection.

Premier Elite – This is Texecom’s most technologically advanced range, featuring products that have been designed to protect high value installations, including banks, museums, schools, commercial properties and luxury homes.

Ricochet – Ricochet mesh technology will allow you to expand and enhance any existing security system by adding additional wireless devices.

Veritas – This range features products that have been designed mainly for residential or smaller installations, prioritising ease of use and installation, as well as reliability.

To find out more about the Texecom burglar alarms we sell, please get in touch.