Dimplex Column Radiator boasts superfast warm up times when compared to oil filled equivalents thanks to its patented Oil-free technology which offers up to 9% energy savings compared to traditional Oil-filled radiators. In addition, as there is no oil it is an eco-friendly alternative to oil filled radiators.

 Dimplex 2.0kW Electric Oil Free Column Radiator with Timer | ECR20Tie

The oil free radiator comes with an adjustable thermostat to help control the level of heat and you can select the heat output to enable closer control over energy use.  In addition, it comes fitted with a fully programmable 24-hour timer.

To aid dexterity this portable radiator features large rotary controls that are easy to adjust, whilst the three heat settings and adjustable thermostat enable closer control of heat for economical running.  

Portability is easier thanks to easy glide castors, integrated carry handle and because it is oil free, is lighter than oil filled direct equivalents.  

Dimplex 2.0kW Electric Oil Free Column Radiator with Timer | ECR20Tie

Safety is paramount, with overheat protection and tilt switch system fitted which cuts the power if accidently knocked over.  Thanks to its patented oil free technology there are no risks of leaks or ruptures.  The ECR has been independently approved to Europe's highest product safety standard (BEAB certification) and comes with a 3-year guarantee (registration required).

Please Note: This product is only suitable for well insulated spaces or occasional use

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