Impaq S Series shock sensors from Texecom

The Impaq S Series shock sensors from Texecom take perimeter protection to the next level as they provide a step-change in shock detection performance by utilising VIBER Accelerometer Technology for class-leading and standards-exceeding intruder detection.

Texecom Shock sensors are designed to detect and analyse a forcible shock and provide early warning of an attempted intrusion before a break-in occurs, ensuring the safety of people and property inside.

The new EN50131-2-8 European Standard for vibration detectors mandates stringent performance criteria across a wide range of surface materials. The Impaq S Series exceeds these requirements and has been independently certified to Grade 2.

The new range features

• Impaq S (Shock Sensor)
Impaq SC (Shock and Contact Sensor)
Impaq SC-W (wireless shock and contact sensor & Ricochet mesh technology)

With five digital sensitivity settings, the Impaq S Series is available in white, brown and anthracite grey, to match the most popular uPVC, wooden and aluminium frames. They can also be mounted on concrete. Impaq SC and SC-W also allow the magnet to be installed on either side of the device, increasing location flexibility. Impaq S and Impaq SC are compatible with Texecom and all popular industry standard panels, while the Impaq SC-W is compatible with Ricochet enabled Texecom Premier Elite and Premier panels.

VIBER Accelerometer Technology

The VIBER Accelerometer Technology provides a much higher level of accuracy for vibration detection compared to piezoelectric technology, as found in non-conforming products. It is highly sensitive to sub-surface shock transmissions resulting from attempted forced entry, and completely immune to airborne-based high frequency noise. The result is a shock sensing technology with unparalleled catch performance while actively discriminating against false alarm sources. Unlike piezo-based shock sensors, VIBER Accelerometer Technology detects in all three dimensions, increasing installation flexibility as the device can be mounted in any orientation.

How to install the Texecom Impaq SC-W wireless shock and contact

This video is about how to install the Texecom Impaq SC-W wireless shock and contact. The new Impaq S Series provides a step change in shock detection performance, with VIBER™ Accelerometer Technology for class leading, and standards-exceeding, intruder detection. The new European Standard for vibration detectors, EN50131-2-8, mandates stringent performance criteria across a wide range of surface materials.

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Impaq S
Impaq SC Shock and Contact Sensor
Impaq SC-W Wireless Shock & Contact Sensor with Ricochet mesh technology