Ascot Electric Modern fluid radiators & towel rails

The Ascot Electric modern fluid radiators & towel rails are Child-friendly and Economically perfect for your home or commercial building. The ASCOT heaters have been designed with everyone in mind and include features that no other heaters on the market can offer. 

The fluid radiators utilise thermal inertia to evenly distribute the heat across the radiator. The Thermo-Fluid Electric heaters are equipped with large format LCD screens to make controlling them as easy as possible.

Ascot radiators come with a range of different technical functions to help you get the best out of your heating. For example, they have a range of modes, including comfort, anti-ice and economic modes. They also come with pre-installed programming, all of which can be controlled by the LCD screen located on the radiator.

For Further information on the Ascot Thermo-Fluid Electric Heaters or to place an order please go to Ascot Thermo-Fluid Electric Heaters