Each Bell Systems 900 series Audio door entry system provides all of the components necessary to install a complete audio door entry system, including a surface lock release as standard. The packaging of these complete systems allows for ease of specifying, tendering, distribution, and installation.

Bell System 1 Way Audio Door Entry System | 901

The SPA panels supplied in the 900 kits area popular choice due to their high durability,resistance to corrosion and low cost. These panels are designed with an attractive and contemporary style and are available surface or flush up to 10 ways.

Bell System 2 Way Audio Door Entry System | 902

With its wide handset the model 801 is especially recommended for the elderly. It incorporates a ‘lock release’ push-button discreetly positioned on the base, and under the handset, to prevent inadvertent use. The Electronic Ringing Tone has a useful safety feature wherein the tone is reduced when the handset is ‘off the hook’.

Bell System 5 Way Audio Door Entry System | 905

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