The Choice+ range of room thermostat regulates and maintains a desirable temperature throughout the home by calling for heat as the temperature varies throughout the day.

Sangamo Choice+ Electronic Room Thermostat | CHPRSTAT

 For example, if the temperature drops below the set temperature the thermostat calls for heat from the boiler, heating the radiators until the set point is reached.

Sangamo Choice+ Wireless Thermostat with Digital Display | CHPRSTATDRF

 Choice+ thermostats include TPI feature to ensure a maintained temperature by analysis of the heating and cooling periods. In addition, choice+ programmable thermostats include Optimum Start and Delayed Stop for additional efficiency, heating and cooling for the time programmed.

Sangamo Choice+ Wireless 24 or 7 Day Programmable Room Thermostat | CHPRSTATDPRF

These features combine to offer the best in heating comfort and energy efficiency when compared to traditional On/Off thermostats. For installation convenience, Choice+ wireless thermostats are available if a hardwired connection is not available in the intended location.

Sangamo Choice+ Programmable 24 or 7 Day Room Thermostat | CHPRSTATDP


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