Kitchen Lighting Ideas 2017

Kitchen Lighting Ideas 2017
June 9, 2017

Island Or Worktop Pendant Lights


Tuscan Ceiling Pendant

Bilbao 1 Light Copper Pendant Copper

Laughton Ceiling Pendant Cream

Bistro Pendant Chrome / White

 Tuscan Ceiling Pendant  Bilbao Copper Pendant  Laughton Ceiling Pendant Cream  Bistro Pendant Chrome / White


Zeta Ceiling Pendant - Green

Cafe Pendant Light - Green

Laughton Ceiling Pendant Green

Bistro Pendant Chrome / Green

 Zeta Ceiling Pendant - Green  Cafe Pendant Light - Green  Laughton Ceiling Pendant Green  Bistro Pendant Chrome / Green


Zeta Ceiling Pendant - Red

Cafe Pendant Light - Orange

Tone 1 Light Ceiling Pendant Red

Bistro Pendant Chrome / Orange

 Zeta Ceiling Pendant - Red  Cafe Pendant Light - Orange  Tone 1 Light Ceiling Pendant Red  Bistro Pendant Chrome / Orange


Ceiling Lights


Futura Ceiling Spotlight Square

Loft 4 Light Square Plate

Geo 4 Light Square Plate

Palermo Plate Spotlight

 Futura Ceiling Spotlight Square  Loft 4 Light Square Plate  Geo 4 Light Square Plate  Palermo Plate Spotlight


Futura Ceiling Spotlight Bar

Loft 4 Light Bar

50W Four x Track Spotlight Brushed Chrome 

Fielding Curved LED Ceiling Bar Light 

 Futura Bar Spotlight  Loft 4 Bar Spotlight  Track Spotlight In Brushed Chrome  Fielding Curved LED Ceiling Bar Light


Cabinet Lighting


Culina Fonte Triangular Cabinet Light

Culina Lago Wedge Cabinet Light

Culina Pozza LED Recessed Cabinet Light 

Aurora Enlite LED Undercabinet T5

 Culina Fonte Triangular Cabinet Light  Culina Lago Wedge Cabinet Light  Culina Pozza LED Recessed Cabinet Light

 Aurora Enlite 10W LED Undercabinet T5




These are the visual lights that can been seen in the kitchen.  This is the first step in the thought process.  Next should be the light that will set the mood in the kitchen like the cabinet lights shown above that can be mounted either inside a display cabinet, beneath the cupboard or in the plinth just above the floor.  In addition to these products there is also LED Strip that can be used and is easy to install. This lighting is very useful  for all the lighting styles; they provide ambient light, working light and they make a big difference to the atmosphere.

We have not shown recessed lighting, mainly because there is not that much to see.  Recessed lighting should be used for task lighting around the work areas, sometimes it is used as the main source of ambient lighting but is not usually recommended.

Have a look in the Kitchen lighting section of our website to see what types are available and feel free to contact us if you would like more information.