The PowerMaster-GTX uses a highly secure PowerG wireless technology that delivers superior range and long battery life meaning unmatched wireless robustness. Visonic PowerMaster-GTX Supports all security and safety needs + visual verification and Works with more than 60 wireless devices,including 8 keypads, 8 keyfobs, 4 sirens, 4 repeaters in 30 zones

Visonic PowerMaster-GTX is the true replacement for the Visonic Powermax Express E System.

Visonic PowerMaster GTX Compact Wireless Alarm System | 0-103777

PowerMaster-GTX works with the VisonicGo mobile app which gives you peace of mind about your home and business security wherever you are. You can see inside your home or business and make informed decisions about events and notifications, all in real time, from anywhere, via your smartphone or tablet.

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