The Pyronix Enforcer Wi-Fi Light Camera in White is equipped with customisable detection areas that ensure false alarms are kept to a minimum, as well as adjustable motion sensitivity and custom alarm response for notifications of events.

Pyronix Enforcer Wi-Fi Light Camera White | LIGHT-CAM/WHT

Equipped with dual lights that activate with the detection of motion, they produce a powerful combined brightness of 2500 lumens to illuminate the area and put any potential intruders in the spotlight. Supports Micro-SD card (Up to 128GB) and local recording. With an 8GB Micro-SD Card, you can achieve around 15.5 hours of continuous recorded footage


Pyronix Training - The LightCamera - Watch this easy step-by-step video to see how to install, configure and use the LightCamera, as well as how linking it with an XDL12TT-...

Link with external detectors through the PyronixCloud for advanced video verification of alarm events direct to the smartphone app. Receive pre and post alarm footage to reduce false activations and act when you need to. The LightCamera’s built-in speaker and microphone allows you to listen and talk to visitors on the move with the always connected app.

Pyronix Enforcer Wi-Fi Light Camera Black | LIGHT-CAM/BLK

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