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Burglar Alarms - Security Solutions

3 Security Solutions for Your Home

You have invested your hard earned life savings in a home and then with what's left added things to make it cosy, you need to make sure that your investment is protected and safe. You would be surprised to find out how many people forget to lock their doors, keep their spare key under a rock or a flower pot, or think that a "Be aware of dog" sign will do when it comes to keeping burglars away. None of these solutions work for your house safety and, if you ever considered using one of them, we have only one piece of advice to give you: please don't!

Here are the top 3 security solutions that will actually work and keep burglars away from your home:

1. Lock your doors, windows, garage, sheds and entrance gate

Lock your doors

This is definitely the cheapest solution for protecting your house and the first measure you should take. Although it would be ideal to be able to trust each other, this simply isn't possible in the world we're living in. However, neighbours can be your best home security, especially those who always want to know everything about your plans and rarely leave their home. You can trust them with keeping an eye on your property while you're gone, so make sure you let them know if you're leaving town. They will gladly watch over your house and phone you if there's something suspicious going on your property. Better yet, you should consider installing a burglar alarm system  that will detect possible intrusions and make a noise for your neighbours to check out your home or call the police. See our recommendations for burglar alarms:

Scantronic 9651EN-41 Burglar Alarm Kit

Texecom Premier Fully Featured Burglar Alarm System / Kit

Visonic PowerMax Express E Kit

2. If you leave town, be discreet

Security Floodlights

There's no need for everyone to know that you won't be at home for a period or to display a full car boot filled with suitcases before you leave to the airport. Put all your suitcases in your car at once and close the boot as soon as you've loaded it. Also, make sure to take all the necessary measures for potential burglars to know that your home is still occupied: cancel newspapers, hold your mail and light you're house while you are away. Most burglars will not break in if they believe someone is still in the house. Lighting is very important in preventing home intrusions, so it is best to make sure you light at least the alleys to your house and the doorways. It is wise to choose a lighting system that has programmable times, so your house won't be lighted following a pattern. You can also consider adding motion sensor lights, which are inexpensive and very useful. Here are some ideas:

LED Security Floodlights With PIR Sensors

ESP GuardCam Security Light With Sensor And Camera

Photoelectric Switch With Timer

Security Lanterns With PIR Sensors

3. Install security cameras outsideCCTV System

Security cameras are a popular solutions for keeping your house away from burglars and, as a matter of fact, one of the most efficient ideas. If a burglar spots security cameras at the front and back doors of your home, he will  think twice before breaking in and may give up on his plan. The price for a surveillance camera is not as high as you may think and depends on the type of camera that you choose. Today you can find everything from simple surveillance cameras to cameras that connect to your mobile phone, so it's up to you and your budget to decide on the one that best suits your needs. Keep in mind that the ideal camera offers a 360-degree coverage. Here are some examples that may help you make your decision:

ESP 4  CCTV Camera Systems

ESP Guardcam Wireless Combined LED Flood, Camera, Monitor and Receiver

For more security solutions, you can always check our ideas on