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Heating Guides

  • What Electric Panel Heaters - Guide 1

       How panel heaters could offer you the best solution At Alert Electrical, we know all about electrical heating, as we sell a range of electric heating systems. In this article, we address what panel heaters are and how panel heater...
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  • What Rooms Are Best For Panel Heaters - Guide 2

    What rooms are best for panel heaters - Guide 2   Panel heaters for sale. At Alert Electrical, we know all about electrical heating, as we sell a range of electrical heating systems. In fact, we stock over 50 panel heaters for various room...
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  • Panel heaters and add ons - Guide 3

    Panel heaters and add ons - a full guide. Guide 3 Panel heaters are simple to install, maintain, run, as we covered in our first two articles. In this post, we look at the various options and add ons for panel heaters. Panel heaters are a ver...
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  • How To Install, Maintain And Fix Panel Heaters - Guide 4

    In this fourth article, we look at installation, maintenance and repair of electric panel heaters.  How to install electric panel heaters As per any house hold electrics, electrics are dangerous, if you are unsure leave it to a qualified pro...
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  • Electric Radiators A Guide To Aluminium Thermal Electric Radiators

    Visit Our Aluminium Thermal Electric Radiators Section To View Our Product Range Aluminium  Aluminium thermal electric heaters have numerous benefits. Constructed of a high-density, injected aluminium body, they have very high heat conduct...
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  • Dimplex & Creda Heaters Equivalent Code Chart

    Dual Heat storage and Radiant HeatersDimplex Heaters Creda HeatersDIMDuo300 Dimplex Duoheat 300w ER300 Creda Eco-Response Storage/Radiant Heaters (700W)DIMDuo400 Dimplex Duoheat 400 ER400 Creda Eco-Response Storage/Radiant ...
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  • Underfloor Electric Heating

    Visit Our Underfloor Heating Section To View Our Product Range  About Underfloor Heating Underfloor heating systems can be installed under most types of flooring. They’re also quick to fit, maintenance free and completely silent to r...
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