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Electric Radiators A Guide To Aluminium Thermal Electric Radiators

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Aluminium thermal electric heaters have numerous benefits. Constructed of a high-density, injected aluminium body, they have very high heat conductivity as well as corrosion-proof properties that make them totally maintenance free! There is a natural convection of air through the radiator, for perfect heat distribution throughout.

Thermal Fluid

Fluid-based thermal electric radiators use a sealed chamber filled with a special fluid that heats up quickly but cools down slowly. A low viscosity thermal fluid also increases the overall calorific performance for optimal thermal transition. In other words, the radiator is highly efficient with minimal energy wastage!

Temperature Control

If you’re buying an aluminium thermal electric radiator, you’ll probably want to buy a good quality thermostat to go with it. Various options are available, including a traditional thermal thermostat, a digital chronothermostat which has twin probe technology for increased accuracy) or even wireless control that allows you to operate the radiator from your smartphone, tablet or PC!

This last option is fantastic because if the weather takes a turn for the worse whilst you’re out, you can simply remotely switch your electric radiator on and know you’ll come home to a house that’s perfectly toasty! The same technology will even allow you to control curtains, lights and other electric components too.

Easy to Install and Maintain

With included wall mounting brackets, our aluminium thermal electric radiators are quick, simple and easy to install – the system can be installed in just a couple of hours!

Plus, as there are no pipes or boiler, no breakdowns caused by limescale and no water loss caused by faulty welding the system requires no ongoing maintenance whatsoever! You’ll never have to call the plumber in for a burst pipe or flood caused by a radiator again!

Our stylish thermal radiators blend in with any décor and are easy to clean. They can be bought and operated as single, standalone units, or opt for wireless radiators and control them all centrally. W

long with the stylish aesthetics and excellent finish the thermal radiator will blend in with any décor and can be easily maintained and cleaned. The radiators operate as stand alone units or can be centrally controlled if wireless for total room-level comfort..

Why Thermal Electric Heating

  • No Maintenance – thanks to the fact that there are almost no moving parts in an aluminium thermal electric radiator, our thermal radiators come with an extended life expectancy of 15 years or more, backed up with a 10 year guarantee!
  • 100% Efficient – unlike boiler-based heating systems where heat can be lost when burning fuel or in the pipe-work, out thermal electric heaters convert 100% of energy to heat for complete efficiency! In fact, they are even better than electric storage heaters which cause an un-needed excess of stored heat/energy as well as being slow to react to external temperature changes, unlike thermal electric radiators.
  • Easy Installation – no pipe-work or expensive boilers are needed, and the system can be added to and extended easily at a later date.
  • Eco Friendly – electric heaters are able to utilise electricity that has been generated in an eco-friendly way, making thermal electric radiators the ideal, efficient partner for solar, ground source, wind turbine or hydroelectric technologies!