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ENER-J Smart Home

ENER-J Smart Home features innovative products such as LED Lighting, solar energy and other carbon reduction products. ENER-J was created to take energy efficiency products to a new dimension, providing the very best in technology and innovative solutions and thereby making this world a better place to live in. 


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2 Items

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Buy Ener-J Smart Home Products at Great Prices!

Alert Electrical are pleased to stock a wide range of smart home products by Ener-J; London and Europe’s #1 Consumer Service provider for smart home automation, home security systems, wireless switches, and more!

The company is excited about technology, innovations, and the wholesale industry, and Ener-J are always working on items that affect everyone's lives. Their key mission is to assist their customers in saving money, energy, and lowering their carbon impact.

With over 8 years of experience in innovative smart home products such as LED lighting, solar energy, and other carbon reduction products, ENER-J was founded to take energy efficiency products to a new level, offering the most cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions, and thereby making the world a better place to live. The company takes pleasure in providing honest and dependable advice to help you save money, decrease carbon emissions, and establish sustainable energy sources. We locate unique things that you truly desire but may not have known existed because we put the consumer at the centre of all we do!


Ener-J Wireless Switches and Dimmable Receivers

There is no need for a battery. There is no wiring. Endurable. This is a wireless kinetic energy switch that is simply unbeatable. Traditional switches take hours to install, however Ener-J's Wireless Kinetic Energy Switches take less than 10 minutes!

It's unusual in that it doesn't require a wire connection to the power supply and instead uses radio frequency to operate the lights. It's incredible that it can function reliably for years without the need of batteries. Traditional switches need extensive cabling, the use of a professional electrician for installation, excessive energy usage, and the creation of construction trash.

Ener-J smart switches may be pasted on any surface or carried around with you at all times. In an open space, they may travel a distance of up to 30 metres (10 metres in case of wall in between).

Regarding the range of Dimmable Receivers, these can be used alongside the Wireless Kinetic Dimmable Switch or as a stand-alone inline dimmable receiver controlled by an app. The receiver is easily connected to the power source and the light fixture. Alexa and Google Home provide voice control as well.

Buy Ener-J smart home products today from Alert Electrical with free UK delivery on all orders over £100.00.


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