ERA Protect Alarm Systems

ERA Protect alarms provide a fully integrated wirless security system. Simply control the alarm via the smartphone app to stay in control and check the status of a property wherever you are. Always stay secure with this fantastic range of smart alarm systems.


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ERA Protect is the first security solution of its kind to be awarded the BSI IoT Security Kitemark, the highest level of security certification.

The alarm system and cameras operate flawlessly together to give round-the-clock monitoring and notifications, all of which are saved in the cloud and accessible from anywhere in the globe via a secure, encrypted system.

ERA Protect alarms are offer a smart and wireless app-controlled security system that adapts to the environment it operates in. Add or remove additional devices, such as sensors and cameras, at any moment to make the system as big or small as you need it to be; ideal for those who aren't confined to one location.

With ERA Protect's extensive backup and security capabilities, you can be certain that your smart security system is always operational.

In the case of a broadband outage, the hub automatically switches to the built-in 4G Roaming back-up SIM, which is not linked with any network provider and just uses the strongest 4G signal it can discover. In addition, if the alarm is triggered, the hub allows the ERA Protect Cameras to continue recording HD video to the cloud.


What are Smart Alarm Systems?:

Rather than installing wired alarm systems in your home, technology has moved on and allowed homeowners to opt for smart alarm systems instead, which means that your home is secured by wireless sensors.


What are the Advantages?:

As you would imagine, both wireless and wired approaches have their merits, but as time has progressed, more of us are managing our houses wirelessly using smartphone applications. This provides us considerably more control than ever before, while also allowing us to keep an eye on our houses while we're away on vacation, at work, or anyplace else outdoors, thanks to access to the security camera via the applications that come with your smart system.

However, there are several more advantages to smart alarm systems, including the following:

1. Although wireless alarms are more expensive than wired alarms, they are far easier to install, which means the expense of hiring someone to install your new alarm is significantly decreased. In fact, establishing a wireless system in a four-bedroom detached house takes only five hours, compared to the two days it takes to properly install a wired system.

2. It is extremely easy to extend and add new sensors to your new wireless system and, whereas the same can also be said for wired alarms, it is much easier and quicker to add to smart systems.

3. Wireless alarm systems are easier to install and less intrusive, so they often seem neater once completed, though there isn't much of a visual difference between them and hardwired counterparts.

4. They are perfect for homeowners with cats, dogs and any other animal, as they can be installed with pet friendly motion sensors.

5. Many people are concerned about hacking and jamming when it comes to wireless networks, which is understandable. Modern wireless intruder alarm systems, on the other hand, incorporate anti-masking technology, which ensures that motion detectors are not hindered.

6. If you are planning on moving house in the near future, it's not a problem because smart intruder alarms can be easily removed from the walls and re-installed in your new home, saving you hundreds of pounds by avoiding the need to purchase a new system.


Need Help Choosing?:

Alert Electrical provides a comprehensive range of wireless smart alarm systems including ERA Home and ERA Protect, Texecom, and Ring, among others. The ERA HomeGuard Pro Smart range, Texecom Ricochet Premier Elite kit, and the Ring 5-piece Alarm Security Starter Kit are among our most popular alarms from these brands.

However, if you are set on choosing from the ERA Protect alarms range, your best bet would be either the ERA Protect Alert Smart Alarm Kit with Live Siren or the ERA Protect Guardian Smart Alarm Kit, Sirens & Cameras, which contain everything you could ever need from a home alarm system.

Are you unsure which smart alarm systems are right for your home? Simply contact one of our specialists immediately, and we will gladly assist you in selecting the best wireless system for your needs.