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Westinghouse Tower, Desk & Pedestal Fans

Desk Fans, Pedestal Fans and Tower fans. All electric, just plug them in and they are ready to go.

5 Item(s)

5 Item(s)

For those summer days when the heat gets too much Alert Electrical supply a superb range of quality electrical fans, from pedestal and free standing fans to desk fans and recessed ceiling fans. With a select range of models from leading suppliers AirMaster and Westinghouse, Alert Electrical fans offer a fast, economical and safe solution for offices or homes without air conditioning.

Electrical fans explained

There are a number of different types of electrical fan available from Alert Electrical. Here’s a guide to each type of fan you can buy, along with their recommended uses:

  • Desk fan – As the name suggest this fan is perfect for placing on top of an office desk, table, counter or kitchen worktop, providing a cool flow of air in close proximity.
  • Free standing fans – this type of fan can be placed on the floor where it will stand without being supported. There are two types of free standing fans:
    • Tower fans – These are fans with a high, slimline profile that can supply a broad stream of air from the top of the fan to the bottom, and can rotate or oscillate about their base to distribute cool air over a wider area.
    • Pedestal fans – An electric pedestal fan has a wide base so it can stand unsupported, with a long shaft to hold a circular fan (familiar from desk fans) in a higher position. They can also oscillate side to side to cool a wider area.
  • Floor fans – The low profile of floor fans allow for more heavy duty fans, providing high velocity air flow for a faster rate of cooling.
  • Ceiling fans – These are electrical fans designed with a flat, level profile for installation in ceilings, providing a cooling downward circulation of air.
  • Portable fan – Simply an electric fan which can be easily moved by hand and plugged in to a standard electrical outlet. Most of the models of electric fan on offer here fit this description.
  • Combination fans – these are electric fans that can be easily adjusted with design features such as interchangeable or telescopically adjustable mounts to make them suitable for desk, floor or wall mounted installation.