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Alert Electrical - Creda Electric Storage Heaters

Creda Electric Storage Heaters

See below for our range of electric storage heaters or radiators for sale from leading manufacturers including Stiebel Eltron, Sunhouse, Creda and the Dimplex Quantum range.

Electric storage heaters use inexpensive off peak electricity to store heat in a core of high density bricks. This heat is then given out during the day and evening, and on warmer days, you can save money by charging your heaters less and release the heat at a lower level throughout the day. Insulation panels between the bricks and the outer core ensure there is plenty of heat all day long, making these heaters the perfect choice!

5 Item(s)

5 Item(s)

Only the best and most reliable electric storage heaters have been selected for the Alert Electrical range of storage heaters, with a superb range of models available from heating manufacturers Creda and Dimplex (who have innovated insulation technology to make storage heating more efficient than ever with their range of Dimplex Quantum storage heaters). Our storage heaters range in power from 500w to 1.5kw, and all of our electric storage heaters qualify for free UK delivery.

Automatic Electric Storage Heaters

Our modern and contemporary storage heaters benefit from the latest innovations. Storage heaters with fans can be used to provide a fast heating boost on demand, or programmed in advance via discreet push button control panels with digital display. Whatever the environment or user lifestyle your storage heating installation is supplied for, you’ll be able to purchase storage heaters that cater for your requirements. We have storage heaters you can manually program to different heating levels, or automatic electric storage heaters that will heat according to current weather conditions.

How do Storage Heaters Work?

Storage heaters are wall mounted with a similar form and function to radiators. They work by utilizing electricity for a short period at night, and storing heat within insulated bricks hidden inside the electric storage heater. The heat can then be used as needed during the day.

Is Electricity Cheaper at Night?

Charges and tariffs vary by supplier so you should always check with your electricity provider, but electricity is typically cheaper during late night, overnight or early morning periods. Electric storage heaters can save money by using electricity only during these off-peak night-time hours.

Replacing Storage Heaters

Should you have old electric storage heaters, replacing your storage heaters is likely to be a wise investment saving money in the long run. As detailed above, the latest storage heaters are fully programmable, with automatic or manual control options, and with improved insulation for higher heat retention. The improved performance and efficiency of our latest electric storage heaters will speak for themselves when you install them.