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Smart WiFi Light Bulbs

Illuminate your home with smart lighting by TCP Smart, Philips Hue, and Link2Home. This fantastic selection of smart light bulbs will bring an extra level of class to your rooms and offer all the usual functionality you'd expect from a regular light bulb, plus some additional hi-tech features for optimised convenience and flexibility, letting you stay in control of your lighting wherever you are. Control your lights through the associated mobile app, or even through home hubs, including Amazon Echo, making it easier than ever before to light up your home.


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2 Items

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What is a Smart Light Bulb?:

As the name suggests, smart light bulbs are extremely clever and have taken the lighting industry to another level thanks to their ability to wirelessly connect to mobile apps. 

Not only does this allow you to turn on your lights without leaving the comfort of their chair, they are also able to dim the lighting without the need for a dimmer switch - assuming, of course, that you have inserted a dimmable smart bulb into your light fittings. 

If you have chosen to buy a Philips Hue smart light bulb, you can even change the colour of the lights throughout your home. Fancy some festive living room colours for Christmas? No problem, as you can easily change your white light bulb to become green at the flick of a button. Watching your favourite sports team and want your room to match their shirt colour? Consider it done! 

Smart lighting has really transformed our homes and offices and, due to their ever-increasing popularity, the number of people benefiting from the fantastic light bulbs is only going to grow over the coming years!

Easy to Control:

Another huge benefit of smart bulbs is that they can be controlled from anywhere, making it possible for you to turn them on even when you are not at home. This is the ideal solution for anyone away on holiday and looking to maintain the security within their home, whilst you can also easily turn on your lighting whilst you're heading home from a long, hard day at work, saving you the trouble of having to walk through each room in your house to turn them on yourself.

Colour Changing:

As already mentioned, not only do smart light bulbs allow you to dim the lights throughout your home but, impressively, they also enable you to change the colour based on your requirements at any given time. Some smart bulbs even produce a range of over 16 million colours, meaning you could change the colour of your bulbs every day throughout the year, if you ever fancied keeping things interesting!

The fact that these WiFi controlled smart bulbs change colours so easily means that it helps to bring your rooms to life, even if you hate the colour of your walls. If you've been left with beige walls and don't fancy getting the decorators in, you can simply change the colour of your smart light bulbs and add a touch of blue, green, red, yellow, or any other colour you fancy at the touch of a button on the mobile app or - where possible - just by speaking to Alexa, Siri, or any other compatible home hub.

Choose from products by leading manufacturers including TCP Smart, Philips Hue, and Link2Home.

Not sure which smart WiFi light bulbs to buy? Get in touch with an expert at Alert Electrical and let us help you make one of the best decisions you've ever had!