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Honeywell Intellisense AG8 Activeguard Bellbox

Honeywell Intellisense AG8 Activeguard Bellbox

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Features include twin piezo sounders and twin LEDs with the option of a second strobe plus
Honeywell Intellisense AG8 Activeguard Bellbox

Honeywell Intellisense AG8 Activeguard Bellbox

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Intellisense AG8 ActiveGuard Twin Piezo Bell Box

The Activeguard AG8 bell box is designed to be simple to install with keyhole fixings, and offers a wide variety of features and safeguards.  Features include two piezo sounders and two LED’s plus optional sounder settings plus a selectable timer.

Height:     300mm
Width:      200mm
Depth:      55mm
Weight:    840gr


  • 116db audio output level
  • Horizontal and vertical mounting
  • Two high visibility status LEDs
  • Dual tones
  • Two piezo sounders


Hold off supply: 13.65v dc nominal, 12 ~ 14.5v dc
Load current:   

35ma  : quiescent
350ma: combined sounder and strobe
125ma: strobe only

Sound output level: 116db @ 1m nom
Battery:   6v, 280mAhr nicad.  Minimum of 3 x 15 minute alarms from fully charged battery without recharge
Operating temperature: -20’c ~ 40’c, operating and storage
Humidity:  5% ~ 95% relative humidity, non-condensing
Trigger conditions:  Automatic reset occurs when trigger clears
Triggers:  Loss of hold off supply
S- Negative trigger (-V applied)
Trigger occurs when terminal voltage is less than 3.5v
Maximum load 1.0mA.
Tamper detection:       Wall and cover retaining screw
Tamper out:     Normally closed negative tamper return
LED 1 & 2   Twin alternating LED’s also used for diagnostics
Cut off timer:      Link selectable 3 and 15 minutes nom. (Sounder only)
Strobe trigger:  -V applied
Strobe: 0.6 joules per flash.  1 flash per second nom. @ 13.65v dc strobe supply.
Weight: 840gr
Approvals:   The AG6 sounder complies with EN50131-1 which relates to security control equipment.



When connecting to a (G4) ADE Alarm Panel the connections are:

ADE G4 Control Panel D A B Strobe - T
AG8 Active Guard Bell Box V + V - SW ST - R -