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Alarms & CCTV

Keeping your home safe is a concern for every homeowner, which is why we offer such as extensive range of burglar alarm systems on our website. Of course, it may be your work property that you want to secure and, in this instance, this is where our CCTV systems and access control systems come into their own. Alert Electrical are pleased to offer security systems and smoke/fire alarm systems from all leading manufacturers including; Texecom, Scantronic, Honeywell, Byron, Kidde and many more. Please browse through our extensive range of security alarm products below.

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3 Item(s)

For alarms and CCTV products you can rely on, Alert Electrical have you covered. Our wireless burglar alarm systems and wired burglar alarm systems benefit from the latest CCTV technology giving you the best available tools for securing your property. With a wealth of products and features to choose from, including the very latest in smart burglar alarm technology, you will be well on the road to keeping your property safe with our range of CCTV and alarms from top manufacturers like Yale, Honeywell ESP. “But which solution is right for me?” you might be asking – so here’s how these systems break down.

What’s the best security solution for my building? Wireless vs wired alarm systems.

Wireless Burglar Alarms: These are the perfect burglar alarm systems for renters and flats. These systems don’t need as much drilling and can be removed. They’re the perfect non-permanent solution for security.

Wired Burglar Alarms: These are more reliable than the wireless versions. Easy to drill and install, they offer permanent protection from burglars and trespassers.

In addition to you wired or wireless burglar alarm, you can add one of our wired or wireless CCTV systems too as the perfect home security feature to deter potential criminals from entering your property.

Smart Home Security with Smart Burglar Alarm Models

Smart home alarms benefit from remote control, so that you can receive notifications from your smart burglar alarm wherever you are. There are wireless alarm options for maximum flexibility and ease of installation, meaning smart home security has never been easier to add to a home or property. With leading smart burglar alarm models from top manufacturers including Yale, ERA, Texecom and many more, we’re confident that these represent the best smart home security system that money can buy.