Imagine how your home could integrate itself into your daily life? Click Smarts leading smart home range has been created to simplify and streamline your home life via the use of integrated technology.

Click Smart Plus Mode 13A 2 Gang Zigbee Smart Switched Socket Outlet | CMA30036

Click Smart Plus boasts an elite range of smart home products. Utilising Zigbee technology & WIFI to offer smart home solutions to new and existing wiring installations.

Zigbee technology & WIFI


The possibilities of Click Smart Plus are endless, but the set up – whether with WIFI or with Zigbee – is simple when using the Click Smart Plus app.

Click Smart Plus Smart Gateway Hub | CSP010


Click Smart Plus have many products to meet all your household needs. Discover a whole range of smart home products. From smart sockets, cameras, sensors and receivers, all working together to make your home smarter by Clicking Here.