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Electric Heaters

Alert Electrical offer a wide range of electric heating appliances at great prices. Covering all fixed electric heating appliances that have to be wired into a fused socket. Electric storage heaters which make use of cheap off peak electricity tariffs.

Electric panel heaters which are slim and compact and provide rapid heat and warmth.
Electric fan heaters that have a variety of applications but more usually found in kitchens and bathrooms.
Electric towel rails, oil filled in a range of styles to suit the modern bathroom.
Electric underfloor heating, even the most beautiful floor can be made inviting by adding a little more warmth.
Electric outdoor heaters in a range of weatherproof finishes ideal for heating the patio when it is not quite warm enough outside.


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3 Items

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Electric Heating Systems

Quality electric heating systems need quality electric heaters for the best results when heating a property. Alert Electric offer a superb range of electrical heaters suitable for home use, providing a quick and convenient heating boost to any room of the house, including:

  • Kitchens
  • Conservatories
  • Bathrooms
  • Bedrooms
  • Other large rooms
  • Living room

During the cold months of the winter season electric heaters are also useful for other types of property or building, such as:

  • Caravans / mobile homes
  • Garages
  • Cabins
  • Greenhouses

We have heating options to suit every pocket – if you’re a cheap electric heater that meets all current safety standards and will still provide the quality heating you need, we have a great range of low price electric heaters suitable for smaller budgets.

 Choosing the best electric heater

The best electric heater for you will depend on how you plan to use it. Is it temporary or permanent? For a temporary electric heater that will provide a quick and convenient boost, our range of portable electric heaters will be perfect for your needs – just move your choice of heater into position using the castors, plug in and go. For more permanent needs, our range of electric panel heaters and electric wall heaters include economical models from top heater manufacturers.

 Other types of electric heater

There are many other types of electric heater in our range. If you’re looking for an electric heater for the bathroom, look at our range of electric towel heaters – they’ll heat the room, dry your towels, and look great too. For places subject to frost or high condensation, an electric heater from our range of tubular heaters and frost watchers will be ideal. To keep the warm air inside a room, we have air curtain electric heaters. And if you need an electric heater for the patio, we have an outdoor electric heater that’s perfect for your needs.

 How much does an electric heater cost to run?

Even the best electric heater will be a little more expensive to run than a gas central heating system, however, electric heaters are typically used in places central heating can’t reach. Electric heater units are cheap compared to installing radiators, and you can take other steps to keep costs down. For example, to ensure that you aren’t paying more for your electrical supply than you need to, visit uSwitch to compare electric tariffs – you’ll often find there are more competitive deals available for your electrical heating charges if you shop around. You can also opt for an electric heater with a thermostat or timer, to ensure you are only using your electric heater when you really need it.