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Smart Alarm Systems

Smart home security Alarm Systems combine many of the features of a traditional burglar alarm with the ability to monitor, control and interact with your home from an app on your smartphone or tablet.

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  1. ERA HomeGuard Pro Smart Home Alarm Kit 1 ERA-HOMEGUARD-KIT1A
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  2. ERA HomeGuard Pro Smart Home Alarm Kit 2 ERA-HOMEGUARD-KIT2A
    £403.67 £336.39
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  3. ERA HomeGuard Pro Smart Home Alarm Kit 4 ERA-HOMEGUARD-KIT4A
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  4. ERA Protect Alert Smart Alarm Kit with Live Siren | SALPRWHGSKIT02
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  5. Eufy Wireless Home Security System | EUFYKIT1
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What are Smart Alarm Systems?:

Rather than installing wired alarm systems in your home, technology has moved on and allowed homeowners to opt for smart alarm systems instead, which means that your home is secured by wireless sensors.

What are the Advantages?:

As you would expect, there are a number of advantages of both options but, as times have now moved forward, more of us are controlling our homes wirelessly through mobile apps. This gives us far more control than ever before, whilst, from a security point of view, means that we can keep tabs on our homes whilst we're away on holiday, at work, or anywhere else outdoors, thanks to access to the security camera via the apps available alongside your smart system.

There are plenty more advantages of smart alarm systems though, including the following:

1. Although wireless alarms tend to be more expensive when compared to wired systems, they are far easier to install, which means the cost of paying someone to install your new alarm is greatly reduced overall. In fact, installing a wireless system in a 4 bed detached house would take around 5 hours, which is far quicker than the 2 days it would take to fully install a wired version.

2. It is extremely easy to extend and add new sensors to your new wireless system and, whereas the same can also be said for wired alarms, it is much easier and quicker to add to smart systems.

3. Wireless alarm systems are cleaner and less disruptive to install so typically look a neater job once finished, although visually, there is not too much difference to hard wired versions.

4. They are perfect for homeowners with cats, dogs and any other animal, as they can be installed with pet friendly motion sensors.

5. Not surprisingly when talking about wireless systems, many people are worried about hacking and jamming. However, modern wireless intruder alarm systems now include anti-masking technology meaning that motion detectors cannot be obstructed.

6. Looking to move house in the future? Not a problem, as smart intruder alarms can be simply removed from the walls and re-installed in your new property, saving you hundreds of pounds in the process due to there being no need to purchase a new system.

Need Help Choosing?:

Alert Electrical are pleased to offer a wide selection of wireless smart alarm systems, including leading brands such as ERA, Texecom, and Ring. Some of our most popular alarms in by these manufacturers includes ERA's hugely popular HomeGuard Pro Smart range, the Texecom Ricochet Premier Elite kit, and the Ring 5-piece Alarm Security Starter Kit.

Not sure which smart alarm systems would be suitable for your home? Simply speak to one of our experts today and we will happily guide you to the most appropriate wireless system for your needs.