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Alert Electrical - Solar Garden Lighting

Solar Garden Lighting

Solar garden lights are a great alternative to mains powered outdoor lights with many benefits. Solar lights for the garden are both simpler and safer to install, as you will have the freedom to put your lights wherever you want without the restraint of having to plug into a mains outlet. Solar lights are also environmentally friendly and will be completely free to run! We have a great selection of outside solar lights, perfect for any garden or outdoor space, which are available buy from Alert Electrical with free UK delivery on all orders over £100.00.

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Why Buy Solar Garden Lights?

If you are looking to save money on your energy bills, seeking to friend a greener alternative to regular outdoor lighting, or simply looking for easy installation, there is no better option for you than buying solar garden lighting from Alert Electrical.

Here we take a look at how these environmentally friendly outdoor lights will make a different for you and your family.

Easy Installation:

Solar lighting provides great flexibility for anyone who is looking to install garden lights without access to electricity or in remote places where a mains supply is unavailable. Rather than having to go through the effort and cost of intstalling mains powered lighting, solar garden lights provide our customers with the perfect solution. Not only can these outdoor lights be placed anywhere you want in your garden, they come complete with their own solar panel, battery, and bulb all in one great package, meaning minimal fuss in the short and long-term. There is no need for an electrician, hiding unattractive wiring, or any lawn mower versues wire accidents, ensuring that you can simply install the solar garden lights wherever you want and enjoy great lighting all year round.

Go Green:

The need to look after our environment is clear and solar lighting allows our customers to achieve great light output whilst reducing your carbon footprint. By contrast, mains power lighting products is made up of under 40% of renewable sources, whilst the remaining 60% non-renewable resources include CO2 generating coal or oil, making solar products the best solution when it comes to taking care of our planet, as well as being extremely easy to install, as mentioned above.

This brings us to another huge benefit, cost!

Save Money:

The initial purchase of your desired solar garden lighting products is the only financial output you will ever have to spend, as there are no energy bills involved in solar energy! That's right. You can receive great lighting without any expensive money bills from your energy company, which is surely a win-win in everyone's book. 

Dull English Weather, No Problem:

Despite popular belief, the fact that the British weather isn't always bright and sunny will not impact how effective your solar garden lights perform. This is because a single 1m² panel facing south would receive 1000 kilowatt-hours each year, and this is more than enough to cover a quarter of the electricity used by the average UK household. Wow! Also, when you consider this alongside all the other fantastic benefits of solar lighting, we think it's clear that solar power is the way to go!

At Alert Electrical, we only stock products by leading manufacturers, as we want our customers to be completely happy with every purchase they make. This is why the fantastic product ranges by Lutec LightingLuceco Lighting, and NewGarden - Be Happy, will deliver great results all year round. 

If you are looking for something different and funky, we would highly recommend the Be Happy range by NewGarden. This selection of outdoor lighting and garden furniture has an innovative design combined with great performance to provide all outdoor lighting solutions to decorate your home, garden or business with the latest, modern style.

After opting for the Be Happy lighting range, your garden and outdoor space will never be the same again in the very best way possible! From illuminated sofas and armchairs to side tables in fashionable colours, these products all boast the most efficient lighting technology on the market. So, whether you are looking for table lamps with Bluetooth speakers, outdoor cubes that connect to your phone to play your favourite songs, or anything else, you can be sure that the Newgarden Be Happy outdoor lighting and garden furniture has it all!