PIR CCTV Detectors

Alert Electrical is pleased to offer a great range of advanced PIR detectors and accessories for CCTV security systems by leading manufacturers, including GJD.
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Add an extra level of security to your home or commercial property to prevent crime and ensure you feel safe from day to night thanks to our great range of PIR sensors.

What is an PIR CCTV camera?

PIR stands for passive infrared. This type of CCTV camera performs with the use of an electronic sensor that detects changes in heat energy. Also referred to as an infrared motion sensor camera, a PIR CCTV camera is triggered by a change of infrared radiation, such as when a human passes by.

This type of CCTV camera helps to detect threats using smart infrared radiation technology and can significantly reduce the incidence of false alarms. With pixel motion detection, you might find you receive a number of false alarms and irrelevant notifications, whereas PIR CCTV will provide only those that are relevant.


Here at Alert Electrical, we stock a range of security systems, PIR CCTV detectors and equipment that will ensure you feel safe and secure. If you would like to find out more about the PIR CCTV sensors we have on offer, or how to install CCTV systems, get in touch to speak to a member of our friendly team.